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Contributors to the pattern magazine (GREAT designers):  Pam Allen, Jennie Eveleigh Lamond, Jared Flood , Laura Grutzeck, Franklin Habit, Robin Melanson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Carol Sulcoski and Ysolda Teague



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In other news, we had some Tilli Tomas yarn on sale last week, it flew out the door.  Thanks for your purchases and enjoy the discounted Tilli, a rare thing.

I was going through my stash and thinking about knitting up all the samples that we have.. well, the ones I haven’t knitted up yet anyway  ;-) .  I started out with the samples for Spud and Chloe, the Sweater yarn that arrived all looped up on pencils, very cute.  But even cuter is knitting the colors up into a mini-scarf.

spud-sweater1 spud-sweater2

It’s amazing how well ALL the colors look good together!

Next up is the Tilli Tomas Symphony-Kid Lace with beads, a super kid mohair blend with a metallic thread and beads.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, AT ALL.  But my little fish wanted to be in the shot, haha.

tilli-beaded-symphony click for a larger image

This sample of garter stitch was knit up on US 4 needles.
Fluffy, soft, and the beads as a nice weight to it.
On US 4 needles it knits up nice and tight for a sweater, or use larger needles for a scarf or shawl.

Coming up next: Habu yarns with the new SWTC Xie yarn, a new ultimate favorite.

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